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We partnered with local organizations that make a difference in the lives of those individuals they support. We have provided food; school, first-aid, sporting and personal care supplies; scholarships; medical care; medicines; holiday gifts and assistance for the rebuilding of educational facilities. 

Here are some of these organizations outstanding accomplishments which CDEI is proud to have helped:


Un Grano de Arena

Dedicated to the education, it takes care of more than 200 children, providing school supplies and rebuilding educational facilities.

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Escuela de Boxeo Jairo Ruza

This boxing academy trains 100 kids while also teaching them values, strength and discipline. They also support them with sporting goods, clothing and food.

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Esperanza Activa

With several schools under its care, this organizations provides school supplies, scholarships and meals to more than 1,900 young girls.

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This noble organization cares for more than 100 leukemia and cancer patients providing medical treatment, counseling, food, holiday gifts and much more.

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Proyecto Niños de la Selva

They organize expeditions to bring medical aid, school supplies, medicines and food to more than 1,700 natives in rural communities.

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